CorbinFisher – ACM0863 – Dru Fucks Ethan

After Ethan discovered the pleasure of bottoming for another hot guy, I knew that Dru, CF’s most recent addition to the Dean’s List, would be the perfect one to take on Ethan next. Having played on both sides of the fence, Dru knows exactly how to work his hot dick into another muscle stud’s hole until he’s shooting in ecstasy.

Even though Ethan is still new to guy/guy action, he’s obviously turned on by Dru. He kisses Dru’s lean chest and unbuttons his pants. Meanwhile, Dru slides his tongue down each groove of Ethan’s defined abs! Dru comments on what a “monster cock” Ethan has, and it stiffens to rock-hardness as Dru sucks and licks it. Ethan tells him how good it feels and then wants to return the favor.
He pulls Dru’s pants down and gets to work on Dru’s own impressive dick. Ethan licks those balls and shaft, priming it to pump his ass. Unable to wait another minute, Ethan says, “Fuck me” and Dru is more than happy to shove his cock up Ethan’s hole! Dru has him arch his back up, while telling him how much he likes that tight ass.
Ethan can’t stop moaning as Dru warns him he’s going to start fucking him harder. Dru rams it home, and Ethan loves every inch. Dru is a master cocksmith – sliding almost all the way out, driving it in and out furiously, then easing back. Ethan is delirious with pleasure — even before Dru pulls Ethan’s arms behind his back and pounds away again!
Dru sits and makes Ethan bounce up and down on his hot cock. Now the moans get even louder. We may have to get some soundproofing for the room! Dru jerks Ethan’s big curved cock, and Ethan keeps sayin, “Give me that dick!” And Dru does!
Switching positions, Ethan lays on the sofa and Dru fucks him slow and deep. Ethan asks Dru to, “Look at me while you fuck me,” and there’s a moment of bonding in the midst of another furious drilling. Dru brings it home, and while Ethan cums, he begs Dru, “Keep fucking me! Keep fucking me!”
Then he begs Dru for the taste of his spunk, and Dru gives him a long, ropy cum facial! Ethan licks Dru’s dick and fingers clean. The two guys kiss deeply, and Ethan sneaks one last slurp of cum from that cock before Dru lays on top of his conquest, kissing him passionately.

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This video has been removed.

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