SDBoy – An Early Interview With Joey Rico

Studio: SDBoy

A young Joey Ricco wants to make some money. In this early interview, I find out this hottie is 22, originally from Texas and is into guys and girls. For today, he will be showing us all that he can offer, including a very fit body with various tattoos. Flexing, I must say he is a favorite of mine for SDBoy. On the bed and out of his clothes, he starts to work on his sizeable uncut cock. "Open minded," he admits he’s "pretty sexual." Really into staying active, he also goes to the gym five days a week. As he enjoys the video, he gives a nice couple of close-ups of his engorged cock. Then Joey goes on all fours and presents his sexy pink hole.

Asking for some lube, Joey spreads it on his hole, fingering himself and then allows me too. As he remarks, "it feels good," Joey asks, "you gonna fuck me?" Lubing up my cock, I push into him as he rides back on me. Flipping over, he begins to jerk as I pump his sweet hole, and get close. Pulling out, I blow onto his groin; now it’s Joey’s turn to cum. With a couple of deep breaths, Joey shoots up to his neck and agrees, "that was good." And now you know how quiet Joey used to be; he’s much more vocal nowadays.

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Duration: 20:26
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