Bait Buddies – Dustin Steele & Sean Maygers

This week, we bring you another special edition of BaitBuddies featuring two hot men, rocking two hot bodies, and two beautiful and thick cocks. And, those two hot men would be Dustin Steele and Sean!

When Sean appeared on BaitBuddies, Dustin was interested to find out who he was so he asked Caruso. Caruso wanted to know why and Dustin told him that it’s because he’s hot and that he considers him and very manly man like himself. Oh, and the fact the Sean can rock a mustache!

Caruso decided to contact Sean but wasn’t sure how it would go since Sean’s last visit at BaitBuddies where he ended up fucking Trey Turner instead of a girl. But, Sean was interested and wanted Caruso to describe Dustin to him and Caruso quickly said that he’s a cowboy. And, to Caruso’s surprise, Sean must have a new thing for cowboys because he was all about making it happen.

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