Breaking The Bond, Scene 2 – Brian Bonds, Boomer Banks

Studio: Club Inferno

Boomer Banks and Brian Bonds stand together, lips locked, cocks stuffed with surgical steel sounds. They work the thick steel deep into their piss slits as a prelude to the ass stuffing soon to come. Boomer stoops to slurp Brians balls, and Brians cock is as rigid as the rod running through it. They put away the steel and Brian kneels on a bench, presenting his round, meaty ass to Boomers gloved hand. No pussy-footing here: Boomer goes for the whole fist at once, applying slow, steady pressure until his hand slips through to the wrist. Brian rocks back and forth as Boomer works his fist with ruthless pleasure. Flipping Brian on his back, Boomer inspects the tortured, hairy hole, jacking his gigantic meat as he resumes the fisting. The steel comes out again as Brian takes Boomers fist and a sound at the same time. With Boomers fist buried deep in his frothy hole, Brian covers himself with his own cum, and then eagerly swallows Boomers seed in his mouth.

Format: mp4
Duration: 32:23
Video: 960×544, MP4V, 3059kbps
Audio: 123kbps

File size: 757.0 MB

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