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In the five years since it opened, Truck has become one of San Francisco’s most infamous bars, a place where the pours are loose and the men are looser. It’s always been a bit of a local secret, until now. In Truck, owner Paul Miller opens up about some of the bar’s dirtier stories; the invite-only "Speakeasy" parties, the backroom bartenders, the customers that stick around after closing time… as an unrivaled cast of hot men bring them to life. Find out what really goes on when the lights go down, as Mr. Pam and the NakedSword crew uncover the sweaty, sex-drenched tales behind this San Francisco institution.

Bartender Christian Wilde lends a hand to a motorcyclist (Jake Genesis) when he ducks in for cover on a wet afternoon. But since the bar isn’t yet open, that hand helps itself — Christian’s got a crotch rocket that Jake can’t resist. Conner Habib and Mitch Vaughn play some juice pong — and more than balls end up bouncing. Tate Ryder’s on holiday from Australia, and the muscle buck has made Truck his home away from home. Bartender Brayden Forrester has been taking good care of him. Tate’s been making eyes all week — but it isn’t until the last day that he decides to give Brayden his tip. Tuesday night means it’s "speakeasy" night and at this bar the password is easy. And so is the staff. Sweet-cheeked Randall O’Reilly shows up at Truck without a password. Luckily, he’s cute, which gets him in the door. It also gets him a wolfish glance and a thick come-on from bartender Christian Wilde.

The three rules of Truck are as follows: 1. Don’t cum on the bar! (…we’re bartenders, not maids.) 2. No sex in the bathroom! (…we want to see!) 3. Don’t get fucked in public (… if you haven’t, uh prepared.)"

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