Impact, sc01 – Jessy Ares and Marcus Ruhl

Release Year: 2018

The scene was filmed in August, but was released just now. Here Marcus Ruhl acts in a passive role for Jesse Ares.
In one corner, Marcus Ruhl: olive skin, embossed muscles, hips, designed to clasp the guy. In the opposite corner of Jesse Ares: a thick beard, a thick cock, an enticing body. Imagine that the director screams "Motor!", And they meet in the center and kiss instead of shaking hands. Both guys are naked and with risers. The whole mass of flesh requires a different kind of preludes: a little pats, a few light strokes and jolts to demonstrate superiority … to determine who will have whom. Jesse jumps on the table and hugs Marcus’s neck with both hands, making her motionless, so that she can fuck her face in a quick way. Do not miss the opportunity to admire the stunning ass of Marcus, while he suffers an attack on his larynx, and then raises the stakes by pricking Jessie and sucking his eggs too. It deserves a kiss and a chance to fuck Jesse’s face. Then Marcus gets up on all fours in front of Jesse’s face, so that he pokes his tongue with his tongue. In the end, Marcus’s ass gets a member of Jesse, huge, solid and ready to do the worst with a thirsty hole. Soon, both members begin to flow with the subsequent simultaneous eruption of sperm from four swollen eggs.null

Format: mp4
Duration: 30:10
Video: 960×544, AVC (H.264), 1747kbps
Audio: 146kbps

File size: 420.1 MB

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