Jonny Cox & Ethan Erickson

Jonny Cox and Ethan Erickson are both pretty quiet guys, but we will see if that quiet demeanor lasts once these guys start to fuck. Lying on the couch, Ethan reclines back and lets Jonny climb on top of him, kissing him as they undress and Jonny makes his way down to Ethan’s waiting cock. Taking him in his mouth, Jonny sucks on Ethan’s delicious dick, his own cock and balls swinging gently between his legs as he moves his mouth on Ethan’s hardening prick. Ethan sucks Jonny’s cock next, eager to please him as he lets Jonny face fuck him hard before bending over to take Jonny’s rock hard dick up his ass next.

As Jonny slides into him, he stretches Ethan’s hole to fit his girth and gets balls deep as he starts to thrust into him, slapping Ethan’s ass as he fucks him raw. Ethan turns onto his back next as Jonny grabs Ethan’s feet and spreads his legs wide open as he buries his cock back in Ethan’s sore little hole, fucking him with that bareback dick while Ethan jerks himself off. As Jonny continues his rhythmic pounding of Ethan’s ass, Ethan strokes out his load and the sight of all that cum makes Jonny unable to contain his own jizz, pulling out and shooting a big load all over Ethan!

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