Red Hot Straight Boys – Chad – Chad’s Massage

Chad is a very intelligent college student and an avid surfer. Unlike most of our models, Chad’s first shoot included only an interview and a spanking video. He had agreed to do that video so quickly and with so few questions that Tom didn’t want to even offer him other footage on that occasion. Prior to that first shoot, Chad had said something about being very certain of his limits that made it seem like while he would agree to be spanked for our other studio (Spanking Straight Boys, studio number 86377), he would not do anything else. Once that first shoot was done and Tom had his spanking video in the can, he decided he might as well offer Chad the opportunity to do another video. He offered Chad a massage video. Tom didn’t offer many details, and, once again, Chad didn’t ask for them. Tom simply offered Chad a video that would entail Chad receiving a "complete massage" and Chad accepted. A nondescript offer like that makes for a great deal of uncertainty. With such an offer, Tom figures that he can really only count on the model getting naked, and Tom massaging him. How far it will go is anyone’s guess. Sometimes the boy will ask a question or two or make a comment indicating what he presumes the limits are, but Chad did not, and, depending on what he thinks the boy’s limits are, Tom often prefers it that way. In a situation like this, Tom just goes slowly until the model in question says stop (which the models have been informed is, of course, their right). In this video, you will see Chad’s massage. It is the first time that he has had undeniably-sexual contact with a man. How far will it go? You’ll have to watch and see, realizing that not knowing means you’re in the same position that Tom was while he was giving this massage. Like we said in the description of Chad’s interview video, Chad has his limits, and we intend to find out what they are.

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