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MormonBoyz – Elder Kimball – Initiation (with boy Hales)

Elder Kimball’s heart was pounding hard in his chest. He could barely hear boy Hales speaking next to him. The young Mormon was being washed and anointed by the handsome man, but Kimball was completely distracted by his previous encounter with Bishop Angus.

Right after he’d met with the Bishop, Kimball found himself changing in the same room as boy Hales. Elder Kimball was trying to hide the fact that the bishop’s load was dripping out of his ass, having just been recently inseminated by the muscular leader. Without meaning to, Kimball caught a glimpse of Hales completely naked and saw the huge cock that hung between his legs.

Kimball’s eyes went wide, both impressed and shocked at the older man’s endowment. Just then, boy Hales looked up and Elder Kimball quickly shot his eyes down. His face went red, not sure what to do. Did he see him? Was he caught? Did Hales know that Kimball was looking at his dick? He had no idea.

And now, a week later, standing in the initiatory chamber, wearing only his temple shield and feeling boy Hales rub oil over his body, Elder Kimball’s fear and embarrassment were just as present as if they were back in that changing room. They’d not seen or spoken to each other since, and he knew he was in no position of power to bring it up. All he could do was show obedience.

As boy Hales proceeded in his anointing, he could see the boy was nervous. His cheeks were flushed, his pulse was high, even his nipples were hard. He smiled and continued, pleased with the affect he had on him. He knew that the boy had seen his cock. He’d intended him to.

As he made his way down the boy’s body, he was impressed with how strong and compact his body was. Elder Kimball had the body of a gymnast, muscular and dense from neck to ankles. Hales was eager to play with him. When it came time to anoint the boy’s loins, boy Hales grabbed the nervous boy’s cock and started kissing him passionately and without warning.

Elder Kimball breathed a sigh of relief through his kiss. He was powerfully attracted to Hales, but did not want to be outed if the feelings weren’t mutual. The Order had both made him eager to explore but also unsure as to who might share in the secret truth.

Kimball removed his shield and dropped down to his knees, hungry to get a taste of the monster cock he’d seen before. Hales watched as his young inductee began to work his belt and zipper, feeling his cock grow exponentially with excitement.

As soon as the thick head of his member was freed from his garments, Kimball threw his mouth down on it, taking it as far back into his throat as he could. He filled his hands with the egg-sized nuts that hang low from his shaft, tugging on them gently. He could practically feel his body churning out the load that he’d soon carry with him, which only excited him more.

boy Hales moaned gently as the boy worshipped his cock, getting off on the rush that came from his position of power. He knew this boy understood his position perfectly well, and he was happy to reap the benefits of that.

He took off his clothes as Kimball continued to suck, who in turn assisted in removing his pants and underwear. Kimball was so focused on worshipping the man’s cock that it took him a moment before he realized that Hales was incredibly muscular and toned as well. His mouth watered as he lapped at the balls of the standing adonis, incredibly grateful to be able to serve such a hot leader.

boy Hales leaned down to kiss the boy, breaking him from his service. He could taste the subtle flavor of his precum on the boy’s lips, making him hungry to suck as well. He guided the boy back onto a nearby stool, bringing him down to a seated position. Hales kneeled beside him and fondled his aroused genitals. Kimball leaned back and Hales returned the favor as he began to suck the boy’s cock.

Elder Kimball felt his breath jump inside him as Hales expertly sucked his cock. The feeling was so intense that he had to close his eyes several times to keep from cumming prematurely. He clenched his muscles tight through his body and let the handsome man own his genitals.

Hales stroked himself as he felt the young man quiver on his tongue. He could see the boy’s large, athletic thighs tense up as he tease the head of cock, exaggerating his perfect form. He was ready to see him in full action, taking his giant cock deep inside. And as the boy’s moans of pleasure grew, he stood up to get him on all fours.

Elder Kimball did as he was told and got on his hands and knees, facing his ass toward the handsome top. Hales was delighted to a sight he could not have been prepared for: the full, muscular, round ass of the young, eager boy. It was a perfect companion to the size and girth of his own cock.

Hales wet the tip of his shaft with the consecrated oil beside him and watched as the young boy arched his ample ass high up for him. It was all the invitation Hales needed as he pressed his cock between Kimball’s cheeks.

His shaft disappeared between their muscular forms before it even made its way inside. Kimball pulled apart one of his ass cheeks to give the man a better view of the inevitable penetration, leading right to the center of his tight hole.

With a gentle push, Kimball felt the incredible rush of pleasure as he opened to take the fullness of Hales’ erection. He breathed deep, prepping his body and mind to be fucked. He was eager to please, but there was nothing he wanted more than to walk away with his ass full of another leader’s hot load…

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