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Adrenaline – Brett Swanson on Bottom

Release Year: 2011
Cast: Brett Swanson, Topher Dimaggio, Porter Wescott, Chad Hollon, Jake Price, Thor Sigurdson
Genres: bareback, porn
Video language: English

Brett Swanson has it all. He’s got an adorable boyish face with big blue eyes that just draw you into them. He’s developed a studly muscular body, ripped and chiseled in all the right places. And he’s got the sexual energy of a wild animal, ready to devour his prey. Or rather, should I say he’s usually the one being devoured, which explains why so many people love to see Brett Swanson On Bottom.

Brett gets paired up with the super sexy Topher DiMaggio. He’s incredibly handsome with a smooth, lean body that looks so beautiful as it’s slamming up against Brett’s. Topher’s sexual appetite is ravenous and is something he prides himself on. He could go all night if he wanted and still be horny the next day. He always goes from wild pounding to soft, sensual strokes in a heartbeat. And it’s so hot the way he looks deep into the eyes of the guy he’s penetrating, making a mental, physical and sexual connection with him. These two going at it together is really something to see, and so is all the cum they both spurt over Brett’s sexy body.

Then things get really hot when Brett meets Jake Price. Brett was really into him because he has such a hot, slender body. And with his blond hair and good looks, not to mention his huge cock, he was sure to get a lot of attention. Both Brett and Jake have similar builds and with such adorable faces you would think they were going to do something really nice, sort of sweet. But once these guys went at it, they totally gave in to their primal urges and got as hot and heavy as they could. We’ve even given Jake a little nickname… Jackhammer. Just because he rammed Brett’s hot ass like there was no tomorrow.

Thor Sigurdson is a blond haired blue eyed hottie who’s inspired boners around the world. You could look at his handsome face and naturally smooth athletic body all day. It’s that perfect mixture of boyish charm and manly muscle, right down to that perfect V that frames his thick meaty cock. Thor had never fucked a guy on cam before and with Brett being such a great bottom his first time was definitely something to remember. Brett gets really into the dirty talk while Thor is pumping his sweet hole. And even though he starts off exploring this new territory with a little caution, after a while he’s banging away like he was born to fuck man ass.

Threeways doesn’t just mean three ways to fuck. Putting three hot, horny guys together and giving them the task of finding as many different sexual situations as they can will always make for a hot time. Brett gets together with Chad Hollon and Porter Wescott and what they came up with is the stuff many guys can only fantasize about. Imagine finding yourself chowing down on a raging boner while another guy rams your hungry hole. Brett’s smaller frame against Porter and Chad’s larger bodies is really something to see. And I must say, Porter has such a great way about him as he’s fucking Brett. He goes from rhythmically moving their bodies in sync to stepping back a bit and ramming his rod home. And when Chad gets a chance to tap Brett’s ass he works it real good.

Format: avi
Duration: 1:38:50
Video: 720×416, DivX 5, 1771kbps
Audio: 156kbps

File size: 1.4 GB

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