Cain Marko and Tyler Tanner

Tyler has turned out to be one of the most naturally gifted sportsmen I’ve ever had the pleasure to coach. He’s fast, he’s got a great level of fitness, and he’s not afraid to push himself. I’ve taken him through his paces in a number of sports from baseball to track and field, but he’s lately expressed a somewhat surprising interest in wrestling.
The other day he asked a little nervously if he could show me the singlet he’d bought himself. I was happy to take a look. Not only did I want to make sure it was a quality uniform, but I needed to make sure it fit him right.
When that boy emerged from the changing rooms wearing what can only be described as a second layer of skin stretched over the top of his beautifully-toned body, I could hardly stop staring. To say he looked amazing was the understatement of the year.

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