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Tokyo Love Stories, Episode One: Koki & Rikiya 1080p

Cast: Koki, Rikiya
Genres: Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Bareback

In this Valentine season, it’s refreshing to see BTS stories of gay porn models and their sweethearts. Our Japan crew interviewed some of the hottest fuckbois in Tokyo to find out about their sweet, romantic sides and the boyfriends they come home to. First up are macho muscleboy Rikiya and his cute boyish partner Koki. In the big city, how many gay guys are bonded to their high school sweethearts? That’s where this adorable twosome met and mated, over five years ago. They dote on each other, but still are turned on by each other’s naughty side. They take a break from answering interview questions to dig into a bowl of steaming noodles, feeding each other and slurping a bundle of noodles that ends in a deep kiss. When the question and answer ends, these sexy Asians are happy to share the erotic spark that keeps them hot and horny for each other. Stripping to their black undies, they grab and paw at each other like schoolboys, then get proudly naked. Rikiya gets up close and personal with Koki’s perfect smooth ass, fingering him with a slick digit. He kneels on the bed to give Koki a chance to chow down on his big hard fucktool. It only takes a moment till he’s drilling his lubed–up cock deep into his BFF. Koki backs into every hard thrust. He climbs on and straddles Riki’s tight abs to ride the dick he knows so well. They screw close and deep, never separating by more than inches.

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Duration: 18:00
Video: 3840×2160, AVC (H.264), 27167kbps
Audio: 185kbps

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My Porn Crush, Part 1: Will Suck Cock to Get a Porn Star 1080p

Cast: Hans Raw, Kai Cho
Genres: Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Bareback

Sexy blond Asian twink Kai Cho is finally alone in his room with laptop, some lube, his big swelling cock and some very hot PeterFever porn. Sounds like a perfect afternoon of solo fun? But just when things are getting steamy, his handsome buddy Hans Raw pops in from the patio to berate him for wasting a beautiful day alone with his porn. To calm the situation, Hans says if Kai is a good boy he’ll bring along Matteo Gomez to the weekend pool party. Kai responds excitedly, "I’ll suck any porn star dick!" But he’s not gonna have to wait that long, as Hans peels out of his clothes and dangles his big tasty love tool in Kai’s face. He climbs onto the bed and kneels next to his buddy to experience the hottest, juiciest cocksucking around. He bends Kai over and burrows his tongue into the bottom twink’s hungry hole. When it’s wet and wide-open, he easily slides his big knob in bareback, to Kai’s satisfied groans. Kai rolls to his side and lifts one leg to give Hans a better angle to plow in balls deep. Things are boiling over, and Hans is ready to blow.He pulls out to drench Kai’s smooth nuts and long dick in a musky splatter, then bends over to give his buddy a long deep porn star kiss.

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Duration: 18:36
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My Porn Crush, Part 2: The Pool Party 1080p

Genres: Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Bareback

Next day for horny Kai and his porn star dreams, and it’s the big Asian pool party. The host introduces his handsome Latin friend, twink pornboi Matteo Gomez, and Kai wastes no time swapping tongues with the hot little stud. The host is a little miffed. "What am I? A chopped liver?" he groans, but Matteo and Kai are already going at some heavy petting and making out. Matteo dives a hand into Kai’s swim jams and before you know it they’re naked on the patio couch. After Matteo takes his turn stiffening up Kai’s big dick with his talented mouth, Kai gets a taste of the twink’s perfect tan booty. Kai’s in a vers mood, and rams his bare cock into Matteo’s hungry hole. It’s hot and so are the two screwing guys. By the time Kai’s pulling out, Matteo’s already whipped up a tasty batch of crema from his spurting tool. "Yeah, yeah, oh fuuuucck!" Kai yells as he spews out a sticky load onto Matteo’s nuts.

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Duration: 16:46
Video: 1920×1080, AVC (H.264), 8581kbps
Audio: 126kbps

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Purple Mood: Kaito & Reach 1080p

Cast: Kaito, Reach
Genres: Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Bareback

Soft purple light creates the most sensuous, romantic atmosphere for this first sex date between happy-go-lucky twink Kaito and handsome, hung muscle god Reach. The experienced stud takes his time and goes in soft and lovey-dovey at first, tempting and warming up Kaito with kisses and soft caresses. It doesn’t take long before the lean twink is moaning for more. He sucks Reach’s stiff lovetool, gets his own booty throbbing and twitching for a piece of that. Reach slides down to work up Kaito’s cock and especially his hungry hole with sucking and licking. The big tan Asian stud finally decides Kaito’s ready and starving for some raw cock up his asshole, positions it at the smooth pucker and slides in. Kaito groans and pants with satisfaction, and Reach goes in deeper and begins thrusting. His dick meets no resistance from Kaito’s juicy, lubed-up butthole. Their gonads work in unison like a well-oiled machine, Reach’s strokes sliding in and out smooth and strong. Getting too hot to hold back, Reach pulls out of that sweet ass and starts milking out his load. It geysers out to drench Kaito’s smiling face, giving him the hot juicy satisfaction he’s been craving. What a date, and maybe one of many!?

Format: mp4
Duration: 27:07
Video: 1920×1080, AVC (H.264), 3939kbps
Audio: 185kbps

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Kai Cho, Matteo Gomez and Drake Von

Caught cummy-handed post coitus with Asian twink Kai Cho, Drake has some ‘splainin’ to do to boyfriend Matteo Gomez. "I know one solution," he offers. "I can fuck you too!" What would a romantic porn story do without a happy group sex ending? Drake yanks off Matteo’s shirt and the three get down to some fun filthy business. Matteo and Kai’s cockthirsty mouths gang up on Drake Von’s big hard shlong. Then Matteo gets a slurp of Kai’s stiff weiner, and the trio is ready for some screwing. Matteo gets spitroasted between Kai raw-ramming his hungry asshole and Drake fucking his face. It looks so hot and sweet that Drake needs his turn at that tight, slick booty. Matteo lies back with legs spread wide open for Kai to slip his thick bareback cock into his hot love tunnel. Down on all fours with ass pointed up toward his fuck buds, Matteo gets all the dick he can handle. It’s getting close to blastoff. Matteo milks out his load while Kai splatters his handsome face with a slather of juicy sperm. But there’s still one cheek left dry, and Drake’s creamy wad is just the moisturizer Matteo needs.

Format: mp4
Duration: 22:18
Video: 1920×1080, AVC (H.264), 8179kbps
Audio: 185kbps

File size: 1.3 GB

OnlyFans – MuscleWolf188 part 27

This melon is not sweet. He is a cute, handsome, strong and sunny boy. After taking off his clothes, he found that his body hair is abundant. The hair around his thighs and chrysanthemum grows densely. It looks very sexy and lustful. His, what a hairy one, I love it. He moaned comfortably after being licked. I slowly wet his ass with my tongue, and directly pulled out my hard-up cock and stabbed it barefoot. It was so cool… Fucking and fucking suddenly felt his start to eversion Extrapolated, I knew he started to pee, and sure enough, his dick started to squirt, and the feeling of being wrapped and pushed out was really cool… When I climaxed, I cummed until I was black Outside, it is thickly sticking to the chrysanthemum hair and mixed with some white foam, which is really annoying!!

Format: mp4
Duration: 39:55
Video: 1920×1080, AVC (H.264), 16752kbps
Audio: 148kbps

File size: 4.8 GB

Brand New Top Power

Release Year: 2023
Cast: Andre, Muller
Genres: Asian, Twinks, Anal/Oral Sex, Blowjob, Handjob, Rimming, Fingering, Toys, Masturbation, Cumshots
Video language: English

Six gorgeous new face models suitable for closing the end of 2020 will debut at the same time!
Good looks!
The main thing is a 22-year-old ex-pitcher with a refreshing mask and a transparent whitening 6pack body! The double main is a handsome 20-year-old volleyball club who has a sweet mask, dignified eyes, a thick chest, and all 6 packs! A total of 6 muscular men total 8 parts, including 2 first anal fucks, such as the first gun digging that transforms the straight ass into a moro feeling from the first shoot! With their perfect masks and boasting bodies and meat sticks, the straight guys are going to heat up the end of this year…!!

Format: mp4
Duration: 2:58:54
Video: 640×360, AVC (H.264), 1956kbps
Audio: 125kbps

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Hunt Series EP.21

Video language: Thai

Let the Feast begin !!! The Masseur พนักงานนวดแอบมีใจให้ลูกค้า งานนี้เค้าเลยจัดเต็มแบบไม่ยั้ง

Format: mp4
Duration: 32:13
Video: 1920×1080, AVC (H.264), 9740kbps
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 2.3 GB

OnlyFans – MuscleWolf188 – Muscle delivery boy

Part 1 The muscular boy took a takeaway order of red wine to the hotel room. As soon as he entered the door, he was pulled into the room by a naked drunk cunt and was forced to kiss him. The slut touched the muscular boy’s hard cock and said she wanted to breed him. After the little tongue was finished, she let the boy’s cock go in and out of the wet anus without a condom. They fought fiercely for 2 hours, sweating profusely, and creampied.
Part 2 After a round of piling, the slut forced the muscular boy to stay with him for the night, and in the middle of the night, he lifted him up and fucked him hard. Little Wolf’s male dog’s waist was driven vigorously, making her cunt moan and moan, and her anus was turned upside down and foaming at the end. Finally, she begged her brother to fill her cunt with creampie again.

Format: mp4
Video: 1280×720

Total size: 1.8 GB in 2 files.

Blaze , Singleeyelid

The view of this man on all fours, jockstrap-accentuated ass arched up, and sucking my cock like.

Format: mp4
Duration: 23:18
Video: 1920×1080, AVC (H.264), 5840kbps
Audio: 219kbps

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Climax vol. 8

His muscles were big and tight and I felt the weight of his cock press up against my hips too.

Format: mp4
Duration: 2:25:02
Video: 640×360, AVC (H.264), 1949kbps
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 2.2 GB