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Staxus – Pert Brit Boy Gets His Ass Pounded by Hunky Stud, Ennio Guardi

East meets West as Brit lad, Kai Alexander, encounters the incomparable talents of Ennio Guardi, one of the hottest Czech guys on the current scene. Not that the prospect of coming face-to-face with one of the most sort-after cocks in the biz seems to perturb young Alexander, it must be said; in fact it’s pretty obvious from the start that the boy is well up for the hard fucking to come, which is just as well given that Guardi’s clearly as horny as hell!

Mind, the physical contrast between these two beauties couldn’t be greater. Guardi, tanned, muscular and looking every inch the dominant party, set against Alexander’s pale, freckled, English skin and slight physique. It sure-as-hell makes for a firecracker of a scene one that we just know you’re gonna love big time! The sight of the young twink bouncing up and down on Guardi’s raw cock is almost certain to get you bubbling on the brink; as will that of the Czech lad pumping away against Alexander’s pert little ass in a whole series of other directions.

By the time Guardi is dumping a handsome load of jizz across his fuck-buddy’s lips you’ll no doubt be showing a sticky appreciation of the efforts of both these horny sluts!

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Rhyheim Shabazz and Wes

Today, I upload one of them. Other will be following if you like them.

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Duration: 17:02
Video: 1280×720, AVC (H.264), 2168kbps
Audio: 156kbps

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MC – Judge (Blowjob)

Today I’m introducing a special model I had the pleasure of meeting recently and his name is Judge! All American looks, smooth tight body and a rock hard 6 inch cut cock. This straight Marine has fallen into the clutches of the master of cock sucking Rob Navarro. Watch as Rob manipulates this Marine into submission and delivers an orgasm that literally leaves him breathless! Amazing money shot guys!

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Duration: 16:23
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Staxus – Denis Master, Nathan Levi

Nathan Levi found himself another sextoy Denis Master. The boys are making out in bed, Nathan’s hand wandering into Denis’ jockstrap. Denis’ hand soon finds his way into Nathan’s tight boxer aswell, but before he can really grab a hold of that juicy cock, Nathan takes control and starts sucking Denis off. Nathan really goes to town on that cock, licking the shaft, sucking his balls and giving pleasure with his tongue and lips.
Nathan French kisses Denis to give him a taste of what’s to come, leaving Denis mouthwatering and hungry for cock. He gobbles that monster up and Nathan grabs hold of his head to fuck his face. After a while the boys change position for some hot 69 action and mutual rimming. After having lubed Denis’ ass up with his tongue, Nathan slides his meaty cock inside Denis’ tight little hole and treats him to a good raw fuck.
A switch of position has Denis slamming Nathan’s ass doggystyle and balls to the wall, until he can’t hold out much longer and he shoots his creamy load inside of him. Nathan pushes the cum out of his hole and Denis sticks his dick in again to fuck the cum back inside. Finally it’s Denis’ turn to get the face full of cum he had been waiting for, which he sucks out of Nathan’s cock and swallows like a good twink.

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Marco Rubi fucks Dolan Wolf’s asshole 720p

Cast: Marco Rubi, Dolan Wolf
Genres: Condom, Anal, Oral, Muscle, Smooth, Kissing, Rimming, Doggy Style, Tied Up, Businessmen, Suits

A night-long bachelor party can be a lot of fun; especially if you get to see the groom stripped naked and tied up! And that’s what hotel manager Dolan Wolf walks in on the morning after a rowdy night of male bonding. Initially annoyed at the trashed hotel room, Dolan’s attention is quickly taken by the stunning young bachelor, hand-tied to the headboard. Marco Rubi has the face of an angel and the body of an Adonis. Seeing him tied and helpless is too much for Dolan – he’s not going to let an opportunity like this pass him by. So ignoring the weak pleas to be untied, Dolan begins to play with Marco’s dick. He plays with it gently until it’s fully hard and with Marco still tied up, Dolan then takes his dick to the back of his throat before fingering Dolan’s young tight ass. Marco’s ‘I’m straight and I’m getting married’ pretense doesn’t hold up anymore. Dolan lifts Marco’s legs in the air to pound his hole, all the time tied to the bed. Hours later Marco will be getting married but for now, he is ‘Just Fucked’!

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Dad Creep – Empty Those Balls

As my stepson matures, I want to make sure I’m there to teach him everything he needs to know about being a man. Today, I stumble in on him shaving his balls, so I lend him a hand to make sure he does a good job. Later, he asks me for some condoms before heading out to hang out with a friend. But if he’s going to be fucking around, he needs to empty his balls first so he can last a while. I fuck his tight asshole and he jerks himself until his balls are completely drained of all his warm cum.

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Duration: 33:12
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Staxus – John Parker, Jacob Hawk, Martin Bures

Is there any better pleasure in life than having a shower after a hard session of exercise? Washing away all that sweat and grime and stepping out of the water feeling clean and fully re-energised. Well, actually, yes there is, as John Parker, Jacob Hawk and Martin Bures eagerly demonstrate here – it’s called having a shower with two of your fuck buddies!

Mind, this isn’t just your usual, everyday threesome, and that’s essentially down to young Hawk’s contribution. After all, here’s a boy who’s quite clearly up for anything and whose enthusiasm for dick almost oozes from the screen. Needless to say, Bures and Parker are more than willing to take advantage of their slutty, hyper-sexed friend, taking turns to spit-roast the boy before finally persuading both their cocks inside his ass at the same time.

It’s a stella performance from the lad, that’s for fuckin’ sure, and he tops it off (if indeed that’s actually possible) by taking facials from both buddies. Yep, no doubt about it, this is a slut of the first magnitude and it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll be pumping out a load (or maybe more!) in appreciation. Fingers crossed that we see more of this spunk-hound in the cumming months!

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Duration: 18:47
Video: 1280×720, AVC (H.264), 2528kbps
Audio: 153kbps

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Roman Tik and Leo Santhy

Release Year: 2020
Genres: bareback, fetish, porn, watersports
Video language: English

Hubba, Hubba, we snuck this one in under the wire, The very hung, and very toppy Roman Tik (he’s not really) and his sleazy encounter with Leo Santhy, these boys are nassssty, and the Luv to show off. Leo is a total cock pig, on his knees sliding that juicy, dark, uncircumcised dick down his throat, making sure its rigid and spit lubed. Then Romantic has him up against the wall of South West France’s sleaziest sex club, eating out his juicy hole while this eager-to-please sub boy has his face buried in Roman’s sweaty sneaker. And Hupla – into the sling so we can see that raw dick sliding, pumping and stretching Leo’s eager hole as Romantic gobs in his face. Creampie for dinner and all washed down with piss ?

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Duration: 22:18
Video: 1280×720, AVC (H.264), 4520kbps
Audio: 125kbps

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Roman Todd, Anthony Moore, Dakota Payne – Twisted

Upbeat and fun. That’s the way things are when Anthony Moore, Dakota Payne and Roman Todd get together. They play out, especially the raunchy ass to mouth kind of games. Spit, rimming and lots of action are also in the menu in this tornado of sex and amusement.

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Duration: 42:38
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Interesting Collection 5 Best Clips Hot Surfer Jocks . Part 2.

Release Year: 2020
Video language: English

Born in Southern California, I’ve always been fascinated by the beach and the hot jocks surfing the waves. I’ve been surfing since I was young and I still love the sport. I love meeting all the surfers as we have the beaches and the passion for the waves in common. Some guys call us the gay jocks as we spend our days half naked at the beach – they aren’t wrong!

Total size: 3.6 GB in 5 files.

Alex Tanner and Scott Finn

Explores the progressive and vibrant town and encourages fans to free their mind and the sex will follow.

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Duration: 24:04
Video: 1280×720, AVC (H.264), 2004kbps
Audio: 187kbps

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MZ – Monster Cock Slamming: Angelo Marconi, Tex Davidson

Even though Angelo Marconi is a bigger and more muscular guy, hunky Tex Davidson is the dominant one in this relationship. He dominates all men who come across his extraordinary fat and big cock. He uses it to smash all those tight assholes, like Angelo Marconi’s. They kissed first for a bit, getting into the mood, making their cocks erect and hard. Tex’s cock was slobbered by Angelo, and as soon as they had enough of it, Angelo bent over for some smooth rimming, making his asshole ready for Tex’s man meat. He fucked him so good and hard, changing many positions from to riding and missionary. Angelo cummed fast from the awesome feeling of that humongous dick in his tight ass. Tex needed little help from Angelo’s gentle mouth and tongue, cumming inside his mouth, while cum spilled on the sides of his cock.

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Duration: 18:17
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Audio: 125kbps

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Sharing The Fun vol.3

Meeting someone you’ve only met in cyberspace is always a bit weird.

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Duration: 26:20
Video: 1920×1080, AVC (H.264), 3953kbps
Audio: 109kbps

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Worshiping a Florida beach young dude

Release Year: 2015
Video language: English

Worshiping a Florida beach young dude, Besides finding sharks and flesh eating bacteria, you can also find hot 18 year olds hot dudes like Beefcake Thomas at the Florida beaches! Willing to provide their hot meats for the right job proposal…hmm, so the risk of going to the beach this summer is worth it! Right Hunters?
When Thomas sent me his cock pictures, it looked smaller but, wow, what a pleasant surprise when I discovered its real size… yummy! He stated that this would be the first time being blowed by a guy. Well, if that is true he got a very good start and showed signs of being very dominant and verbal. I practically followed his commands, and I am so glad I did because besides tasting his perfectly delicious cock, I ended up tasting his cheer and worshipping his body… you see guys… if we just let things happen… sooner or later all fantasies requested will come true.
The youngest one of the pack at BeefCakeHunter, pretty face, perfect tanned body, bad boy attitude, nice cock and ass, Beefcake Thomas is a feast. I hope you enjoy this video and anal scene? Hell yes! Even a short or bad one…but we have to see that cock in more action!

Cleaning Up vol.6

He tears at the twink’s clothes to get at that then eats cock like a cannibal.

Format: mp4
Duration: 19:15
Video: 1920×1080, AVC (H.264), 3951kbps
Audio: 111kbps

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