DreamBoyBondage – Cole Miller – Here To Suffer (Complete, 1080p)

Chapter 1
Lanky, lean Cole is dragged into a dungeon to be severely punished physically and sexually. He is strung up by his neck, stripped, sucked until he’s hard then beaten.

Chapter 2
Young Cole’s smooth, creamy body is covered with welts from a riding crop. He is being tortured for no other reason than his beauty and he cannot resist.

Chapter 3
Slave boy Cole is gut-punched repeatedly by a young muscle twink, under orders from a rich, older man, then left hanging by his neck overnight, in agony.

Chapter 4
Lithe, young Cole is chained spread-eagle and brutally lashed with a leather, single-tail whip, leaving his back scarred as he gasps in pain.

Chapter 5
After more single-tail blows, Cole’s wounds are sprayed with , then his gorgeous cock doubles in size in his guard’s mouth until it erupts like a cum-geyser.

Chapter 6
After Cole’s huge cock erupts with cum, the young guard who sucked him off jerks-off his own impressive cock, then binds Cole to a fuck bench and fucks his gorgeous ass good and hard.

Chapter 7
Handsome Cole – so young he’s barely experienced sex, let alone been fucked up the ass – is jackhammer by a huge cock, then flogged by the guard, still erect, who fucked him.

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