Easy To Tease – Luke Geer, Lucian Fair

Studio: Boyfun

Fit boy Luke Geer might try to keep himself to himself and ignore the playful teasing of adorable twink Lucian Fair but the young man is too insistent and determined to get the cock he craves. Lukes attempts to rebuff the horny boys advances are soon failing once its clear theres a genuine offer of some no-strings BoyFun.
Not many young men would be able to say no to a free cock sucking from an eager twink, and Luke soon finds himself leaning back in his seat while the blond boys mouth bobs up and down on his hot wet cock. Moments later his athletic form is revealed in all its glory, his hard length thrusting in and out of Lucians sucking mouth, his heavy balls swinging with every pump of his hips.
No doubt young Lucian would have been happy to simply service the handsome boy, but when he slips off his clothes and reveals his own pink throbber Luke cant seem to help himself, leaning down to envelop the twinks dribbling prick in his own thirsty mouth while they share a sixty-nine.
Perhaps the handsome lads build gives an indication that hes the dedicated sort, so its no real surprise that once hes had a taste of his new pals prick hes ready to go all the way, starting with a little licking of young Lucians sweet hole before easing his naked cock deep inside.
When our blond bottom first offered his mouth for the tanned young man to hump his cock into he might have expected to be riding that raw boner soon enough, but he probably wasnt expecting the incredible shower of semen Luke splashes out all over him once hes made young Lucian pump his own thick goo from his turgid inches.
The boy wont have to try too hard to get his friend inside him next time.

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