Extra Innings – Austin Young – Chapter 4

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Agent Robles has heard a lot about Austin. Word has spread about the boy’s impressive cock and natural talent at topping. The bearded daddy is intrigued, but still skeptical that such a boyish looking young man is capable of all that’s been said of him…Inviting him in for a one-on-one evaluation, Robles was happy to give the boy a chance to prove himself. After all, he’s very aware that big things can come in small packages! Austin didn’t know that he had built up a bit of a reputation or that the older man was secretly testing him. All he saw was the chance to have some fun with a handsome, muscular man. And that was all he needed!When Robles and …When Robles and Austin were together, Robles couldn’t get past just how small Austin was.His short frame and lean body stood in stark contrast to his own beefier size. Robles worked out and was of decent height, but he felt like a giant next to the tiny young man! But even with his smaller stature, he could see the fire in Austin’s eyes. He wasn’t just there to play, he had the passion of a winner.It was arousing to see such a young face present such confidence and intensity! They took off their clothes and caressed each other, feeling one another’s bodies, embracing their differences. In turn, Austin was won over by the man’s broad, furry chest and developed muscles. And Agent Robles loved how the boy’s lean frame showed off his perfect six pack and heavy cock!It wasn’t until he got the boy’s meat in his mouth that he understood what the other men had talked about. He wanted to service him and satisfy Austin, sucking on his twink shaft as he leaned back.Austin took control of their session, bending Roble on all fours and planting his face firmly between the daddy’s hairy ass cheeks. His tongue furiously teased his hole, making Robles moan and melt! Even though the boy’s face was smaller than his backside, it completely owned his pleasure, making the older man grip onto the edge of the bed as his sphincter was tongue fucked again and again…<br>Robles’ heart raced as Austin stroked his cock and readied himself to mount up behind him. He felt sweat build upon his brow as the boy pressed his cock up to his hole, moments away from sliding inside. He couldn’t believe how much he wanted it. This young man with a boyish face was about to breed him, and in his heart all he could think was “fuck me, Sir!”

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