Harrison and Kai

Harrison and Kai
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OK, so straight after the totally delicious Harrison finished his solo film he was pleading to get it off with Kai, and as luck would have it, Kai was also more than keen on the Naturally I wasted no time in arranging a date when these two horny guys could get it together and roll around on the bed… and it sure was a scorcher 🙂 Both Harrison and Kai were itching to break open each other’s underwear, so much so that they were both boning up even before the record button was pressed!

They start off with some slow kissing and gentle rubbing before the underwear comes off and then it’s down to some deep, deep, deep-throating action! Both Harrison and Kai prove they are masters at the art of enthusiastic and rampant cock-sucking… and as they work themselves around into a 69 they really get stuck in 😉 But there’s an unspoken tussle go on… who is going to fuck who? Well, Harrison takes charge and reaches for the condom…

He carefully enters Kai’s more than willing hole and slowly builds up the speed of his thrusts. As the intensity increases, Kai starts oozing pools of precum – and the sight of that sweet clear juice sends Harrison insane and triggers him to fuck with abandon! But Kai thrusts back onto that cock just as hard, meeting Harrison’s dick as he pushes forward, both undoubtedly enjoying every second 🙂 And as the intensity reaches boiling point, Harrison grabs Kai’s oozing cock and strokes it until it’s spraying jizz everywhere…

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