Joe part 4

Proud straight bastard Joe is disgusted by pervy homo hands groping him all over. The only time another man has seen his body naked is at the doctors so here Adrian straps him down to a medical table and gives him a exam like none he’s experienced before! As Joe thrashes angrily about he can’t do anything to stop the bad doctor from stroking his masculine body and cupping his bulge. To turn him into a proper gay slut two bottles are tied to his nostrils which will loosen him right up. Adrian destroys Joe’s pants leaving his dick exposed to his wicked manipulation sucking it till he can’t help but get excited. But his engorged dick is cruelly disciplined with restraints which make Joe howl in agony. Every second of his nuts being held in the vice is unendurable! His body trembles against his will from the pressure. His arse is simultaneously trained as the wicked doctor tears his fuckhole open with a giant dildo and then whips his bum cheeks till they’re striped red. This hetero cunt is totally overwhelmed as this vicious training is agonizingly cruel and unrelenting!

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