Justin And Sam

Studio: Baitbuddies

Its getting close to Halloween and the ghouls, ghosts, witches and monsters are getting ready for trick or treat. Here in the studio, we have our own monster that would scare most guys… our straight boys 9.5 big fat monster cock! Nothing to fear, as our new pretty boy Bait, Justin, isnt scared because for him its lookin like a trick and a treat. As a matter of fact the way he looks at that huge piece of meat with such hunger in his eyes, the only one that should be afraid is Sam, our cute and nicely muscled Straight boy. Sam, like the rest of the straight boys who come to BaitBuddies is aching to put that big thing into some hot pussy. He tells Caruso that he prefers skinny caramel color girls with nice tits – his ideal girl he says is Halle Berry. What he doesnt know yet is that the only pussy hes getting here is 20yr old boy pussy from our 64 Bait Justin. So, both boys are stripped down and jerking their cocks, Sam is stroking the monster while Justin is jacking his very respectable 7 cock. Isnt funny though, how a 7 cock starts to look at bit small next to a 9.5 giant! Now its time to get the girl and start filming, but when Caruso returns he tells the guys that the girl had a dental accident – she chipped a tooth on her boyfriends metal cockring while blowing him. We couldnt make that up… but we did – LOL. Theyre told if they want to make money then the only alternative is for them to have sex with each other. The only one who is surprised, since hes not in our our little scam, is straight boy Sam. Sams not so sure about this, but hes only 20 years old, its his first time on a porn set, so its pretty easy to get the boy to give it a shot. Justin wastes no time and grabs that big beautiful 9 incher for some jacking – watch how nervous Sam looks as he leans as far away from Justin as he can. Finally, Sam gets a little more comfortable and Caruso is able to have him start stroking Justins cock. When asked what he thinks about it, Sam says Its a little weird – money is money. The action continues with Justin giving Sam his first gay blowjob and our straight boys cock doesnt seem to mind hes getting sucked off by a boy. When its Sams turn, he starts off slow and awkward, but then gets the hang of it. When Caruso asks him if he likes sucking cock for the first time, he replies I dont really like sucking dick… but were not all that sure that he didnt like it just a little. We were especially surprised as Justin is sitting facing Sam with the straight boys 9.5 cock up his butt and Sam starts jacking Justins cock and then starts sucking it! That is fucking hot. Well, all good things must come to end – as Justin humps Sams monster, he jack a huge load which splatters Sams entire torso. When its Sams turn, Justin scoots between Sams legs and and adds a second helping hand to jack him to an explosive ending and he continues to massage Sams cummy dick for minutes afterwards. We could tell Justin really was Loving the Monster. And, were thinking that Sam mightve been loving the sex more than hes willing to admit. You be the judge.

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