KristenBjorn First Time, Part 1 – Chapter 5a

Studio: KristenBjorn
Cast: Diesel O’Green, Abel Pozsar, Milos Zambo & Lucio Saints

Abel and Lucio are very experienced and want to share their new finds with each other. Lucio invites Diesel and Abel over and assures Milos that he is in for a treat. Your first orgy can be very intimidating. Just like a 3-way you need confidence and a thirst for cock and an insatiable hunger for a hot, humid hole. Diesel and Abel arrive and the get right down to pleasure. Of course the couple changes at first, because that is the rule of the game, to sample all the goods presented to you. Our tops start out orally pleasuring Milos and Diesel. Lucio is taking great pleasure in Diesel’s fat cock, spitting on it, sucking on it and then swallowing all of it. The guys switch up and Milos gets to pleasure Diesels fat cock while Able is busy swallowing Lucio’s monster piece of meat. The guys then switch back and Lucio is quickly exploding his creamy load as he devours Diesel’s wet cock. Milos feels the sensation of pleasure rippling though his body as Abel brings his load erupting onto his chest. Lucio has continued sucking on Diesel and his balls have engorged to an enormous size filling up with hot cum that Lucio milks from his huge cock. Let’s see what Abel and Lucio are going to teach our novice, sex hungry guys next.

Format: mp4
Duration: 11:12
Video: 960×540, AVC (H.264)

File size: 131.5 MB