Kyle Stewart’s Interview

Kyle is a 22-year-old hung straight Marine with a great body. On one level, he’s very polite and friendly, even charming. He’s got a great smile, too. But Kyle has a darker, decidedly less-than-charming side when it comes to women and sex. He’s very dominant and likes rough sex (brutal, actually) and bondage.
Kyle has had sex with 17 women and wanted me to know that not one of them was black. He explains that (in his opinion, an opinion we do not share) black women have attitudes, talk too much and are bitchy. He’s never done anything gay, but describes some football team antics in the locker room in high school that he admits were very gay. But, he explains, these things were not done to him because he’d punch anyone who tried.
Kyle grew up with strict . He is no stranger to beatings with switches, paddles, etc. And he says he deserved all the discipline he received. It’s probably why he’s so polite.

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