Lee part 4

When scally Lee strut down the street in his track suit bottoms we were mesmerized by the big fat bulge of his crotch. Now that massive dong is on full display as he’s tied down naked like a beast. His member hangs heavily down between his legs and his pert bum is pointed in the air so his hole can easily be viewed from the back. Adrian secures him in place with an anal hook attached to his head. Now he can’t drop his head without causing himself considerable pain in his bum. Adrian flogs his arse cheeks so the tough fucker foams at the mouth. Rivers of saliva pour out over his ball gag. Little does he know he’s just provided the lube for his own fucking!
Adrian slides a big fat dildo over his mouth to slick it up and he shoves it up Lee’s tight arse. He pounds him while tugging on Lee’s heavy excitable cock till he’s thick and aching to cum. The horny slag is milked of his sperm making a big puddle on his discipline block. Dave clamps his nipples with a pair of chopsticks and delivers sharp excruciating shocks to those sore rosy buds. Having just ejaculated, Lee’s bell end is incredibly sensitive so the vibrator we use on it is absolute agony for the bound hetero. Adrian licks up all the semen he spilled and gives Lee a big sticky kiss. It’s time this stupid scally cunt learned that his big dick is now exclusively for our use!

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