Logan’s First Spanking

First Contact Video! This is Logan’s first spanking video and the first time he has ever been touched by a man. Logan is a hot 19-year-old straight boy who was cash-strapped and looking for odd jobs. He certainly found one.
In this video, you’ll see a brief interview with Logan about his history of physical discipline. He made the mistake of telling Tom about things he had done that had gotten him in quite a bit of trouble when he was younger. He was foolish enough to smile and laugh about his misbehavior and the consequences thereof. Before his spanking this finished, Logan comes to regret his joking demeanor about such a serious matter.
Logan is all smiles as this video begins. But the smiles fade as the intense spanking continues. Soon the gravity of his situation settles on Logan. Then Tom starts addressing his past behavior, focusing on an incident in which he argued with his over his grades and got arrested for throwing a shoe at her.
This is a harsh spanking. It isn’t long before Logan’s legs are shaking uncontrollably. He does his best to maintain his composure and answer Tom’s questions, especially once it becomes apparent to him that Tom’s meting out discipline based on his answers. Despite his efforts, Logan becomes rattled and confused at times and can’t always answer Tom’s questions properly.
Tom makes Logan choose many of the implements to be used on him, including a silicone paddle (a particularly poor choice) and wooden paddle. Tom also uses a wooden spoon and his hand.
By the end of this lengthy spanking, Logan’s smiles and the laughter in his voice are a distant memory. Tom made such an impression on him that Logan told Tom after the spanking that he was reconsidering the altercation with his and was ready to apologize to her.

Format: mp4
Duration: 30:54
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