The Mormon Boys – Part 4

Elder Berry remains stretched out on the bondage table, electrodes attached to his genitals. Please do what he says, Elder! Elder Berry begs, knowing that he, not Elder Titov, will be tortured with electricity if Elder Titov disobeys. Elder Titov, now naked, gets his dick hard for these perverts but he nearly loses his mind in horror when Jared unveils the tool of sexual torture he must endure: a long, narrow bench studded with six dildos each one longer and fatter than the last, culminating with a dildo as big as a fist. Time to fuck yourself, Elder! the man announces. Im sorry, Elder, just do it! Elder Berry begs. You wont believe the cruelty of these men when Elder Titov must make his tight, virgin asshole down onto the final, fist-like dildo. Next week: Role reversal.

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