The Mormon Boys – Part 8

Being a good Mormon, Elder Titov has contemplated the passion of Christ his flogging and crucifixion at the hands of the Romans but now he is actually experiencing it. Naked, strung up by his wrists, his lean, muscular, teenaged body shudders in pain each time the long, leather whip cuts into his flesh. The man torturing him is unrelenting, whipping him harder and harder despite his pleas for mercy. Soon his beautiful abs, chest, back and ass are crisscrossed with angry, red welts. And then the man becomes even more cruel: He first mists, then splashes the fresh wounds with rubbing , sending Elder Titov into spasms of agony. But the boys passion is not complete. He is cut down from the ceiling and his wounded body is strapped to a wooden cross. After only 15 minutes the terrible strain of having to support his own body weight with his out stretched arms and bent legs sets in. He has hours more to endure. Next week: The agony of the cross.

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