Tied down naked for Dale

Release Year: 2020

Discipline and training in submission is what this mouthy hetero cunt needs! Bound arse-up on the table, Dale is in a painfully vulnerable position. His tight white pants are split open to show his crack and the pale nut brown rim of his sphincter. His ruined underwear makes the perfect frame for his fuckhole. Dale continues swearing and fighting so Derek gives him a hard lashing that makes his arse cheeks flame red even through his pants. Now it’s time to crack this cocksucker open by screwing his arse with a vibrator. Shoved straight up his cunt he feels his g-spot stimulated for the first time in his stupid straight life.

Dave binds his big dangly testicles and his shrunken sorry knob. While he continues being insistently fucked a vibrator is taken to his glans. Even through the pain of having his cherry popped he can’t stop the pleasurable feeling that surges through him as his sensitive cock head gets pleasured. The vulnerable soles of his feet are caned causing this sorry bastard the harshest pain yet. He’s ordered to rhythmically sit back on the vibrator fucking him or he’ll get even worse. Dale shamelessly fucks himself so hard snot pours from his nose. He’s taught how to beg to suck cock like a filthy slut. Every time he lets up he’s disciplined hard. He chows down on it like a mutt with a toy and his dick is manipulated till his prick is stiff. Now this hetero will never forget the sensation of cumming with a big fat dick in his mouth.

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Duration: 20:18
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