UK Hot Jocks – Hard Rider – Sam Barclay & Brute Club

One of the ultimate kink fantasies involves full coverage. Whatever your gear may be, if it’s head to toe, it’s a full immersion into your fetish, The anonymity excites and conceals, giving the wearer an new sense of bravado, they are not themselves any more.
Anonymous hunk number 1 in full motorbike Dainese leathers and black-out bike helmet, seriously expensive kit. This is a man dedicated to his fetish. All black, all leather, everything. Gloved hands move over the stitching and padding of his suit, grabbing his swelling crotch and taking the zip down slowly. He struggles to pull out his rock hard dick and heavy looking ball stretcher to wank himself off.
Another fully clad figure appears in the darkness, only the neon tubes reveal him, reflecting on his polished helmet. These men get closer together, and hands wander in mutual appreciation and intense sexual tension. Biker number 2 gets his cock out too, an absolute whopper! Our first guy undoes his helmet.. and Sam Barclay drops to his knees to worship this magnificent dick. Split and slobber everywhere, the way Sam knows best. Faint groans can be heard from the other helmet which is also coming off to reveal Brute Club. The anonymity has gone but the fun is just beginning. Brute starts to strip himself while Sam works hard on his epic piece, he wants this bad! Brutes hard, pale skinned body peeking through the open biker jacket and his hand hold onto Sam’s head as he thrust harder and harder. Sam gets on his feet to unzip his full suit, if he wants that cock in him he’ll have to shed some leather.
Bending over, arse in the air he waits for Brute’s big meat to impale him. He spits and ploughs into his open arse, long thrusts making him feel every inch of his length and girth. Sam moans like the best of them, putting that power bottom experience to good use.
Brute produces a very large looking toy, he’s about to be tested further. Lubing him up… and sam too he slowly works his way into his hole. This dildo must be 13” and maybe 10” wide at the base, a real fisting bottoms trainer. he builds up to a hit and powerful pace, pulling the whole thing out and plunging all back into his sloppy gaping arse, Sam fucking loves this!
Moving over to the armchair sam gets his arse up to a good level of access for Brute, who produces and even bigger monster!! The head on this thing is bigger than fist sized, a big fist at that! This is where the real challenge lies, getting past the head makes both guys jump and moan like never before! brute is loving stretching open Sam and there are no complaints from the other side too. plunging deep with this thick bad-boy he fucks him with long strokes. Another challenge of taking just the head a couple of times, this is a real ring snapper! Sam has loosened his hole up now and can take it but he still clings onto it every time he pulls out, leaving an impressive gape dripping with thick lube. Brute takes turns of fucking him and toying him. Absolute arse destruction!

Format: mp4
Duration: 25:01
Video: 1280×720, AVC (H.264), 2930kbps
Audio: 106kbps

File size: 556.9 MB

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