Zack Part 4

Zack remains tied down and displayed like a piece of meat. His huge dick is rock hard, as big a 16-ounce beer car. Rope man Matt is absolutely fascinated by the veiny, throbbing phallus. He tightly wraps the kid’s balls with cotton twine, stretching the egg-like testicles tight against the walls of the scrotum, making them throb painfully. Zack twists and flexes, his abs dancing as his stomach sucks in, stretched against the hard wood table. Matt then attaches two nasty plastic clamps onto Zack’s super-sensitive nipples. The kid yelps in pain and thrashes around harder, in a futile attempt to relieve the pain. He stays rock hard the whole time. Matt is fascinated. It seems like the more he tortures the kid, the more turned on he gets.

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