ButchDixon Splash My Guts With Cum

Cast: Martin Dajnar, Erik Spector, Brick Morewood, Diego Senna, Angel Garcia, Abraham Montenegro, Erik Lenn, Hans Berlin, Paul Stag

Raw, hot fucking all the way deep, deep inside. Feel the hot cum hitting your guts, gush after gush. Butch Dixon proudly presents you Splash My Guts With Cum! Big boys with big hard cocks and even bigger loads are fucking bareback! Raw meat in all shapes and sizes! Big bareback cock is what you can expect from this masterpiece. These are some of the thickest cocks out there, ready to slide up into a hot tight ass and fuck it deep and raw!

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DarkAlley Fisting Underground Part 2 – Live

Cast: Matthias Von Fistenberg, Matthieu Paris 

Rosebuds are popping everywhere as a cast of six fistpigs put on the most twisted, sleaziest, unapologetic fisting show. Uninhibited, raunchy, and real- the hallmarks of Dark Alley are even more vivid in this new "live" shooting format. Director/star Matthias von Fistenberg captures the fast paced, intense assplay with no edits and no interruption of the models. Sloppy, greasy, fist-fucking, punch-fisting, double-fisting. Bondage, piss and dildo play are …More

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Anal gape

Release Year: 2021
Genres: Unusual, dildo
Video language: English

Amateur kinky gay Bastian, extreme hard deep anal self fucking, dildo action.

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Big Dick Party Vol.3

Video language: English

Four amazingly hot action scenes and two sizzling solos.From high-resolution, high-quality masters. No frills, just sexy boys and hot action!

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OnlyFans – TenInchLondon Part 2

Imagine it’s you they’re staring at with smouldering, come-to-bed eyes that you won’t be able to resist.

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Uniform Men Scene 6

Studio: Colt

With Marc in his dark blue cop uniform and Nate in his highway patrol uniform, these off duty officers meet up in an empty holding cell for a little cop-on-cop action. Through the bars they kiss, grab and grope each other, slowly opening up their shirts to explore what lies beneath. Marc makes the most of his explorations and finds himself down on his knees before his partner. With plenty of boot licking and hungry cock sucking, Officer Marc gives Officer Nate a thorough full-body pat dow

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Liam on Bottoming For Angel Rock

Studio: Magnus

Angel Rock proves to be a muscle worshiper, especially when it comes to worshiping the muscle growing between Liam Magnusons legs. The chiseled hunk gives Liam a dripping-wet blow job then stands up and shoves his 9 inches down Magnusons throat. Magnuson makes a pig of himself on Angels thick uncut cock then gets on all fours so Angel can get a taste of his sweet ass. Angel rims the muscular blonds hole then stands up and works his giant shaft into Liams ass. Liam loves Angels huge tool inside him. He rolls over and jacks a load out of own cock, followed by Angel who pulls out and blows all over Liams washboard abs.

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Caio Veyron fucks Saverio 1080p

Release Year: 2022
Video language: English

After getting my dick all the way up his I start pumping his ass really good! I blew one of the biggest loads ever and covered his hole and tummy with my load!

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Luka and Scott Hardy Bareback

These boys know their way around the sex field, taking their time as they lightly scoot their tongues and fingers over every inch of it before settling, only momentarily, to give one area an extra boost of pleasure before moving on and keeping the game very interesting indeed!

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Modern-Day Sins – Mad Fuckers Testosterone – Adrian Hart & Joseph Castlian (1080p)

After both being benched mid-game due to a scuffle, a quarterback (Adrian Hart) and teammate (Joseph Castlian) meet in the team’s locker room and explode into an argument. Joseph is new to the team but has been replacing Adrian more and more, and Joseph accuses Adrian of being jealous. It’s not HIS fault that he’s better than Adrian and that Adrian can’t respect their coach’s orders.But Adrian doesn’t believe a word coming out of Joseph’s mouth. In fact, he accuses Joseph of using his own homosexuality as a way to gain media attention. They’re BOTH gay but Adrian doesn’t play the gay card since he thinks it looks bad for other aspiring gay athletes. Joseph is shocked over the accusation, and things only get more heated from there as they close in on each other, getting in each other’s faces.As they both try to talk each other down and assert their dominance, the fight comes to a climax as Adrian grabs and pins Joseph to a locker. As their eyes lock, they go in for a fiery kiss, which leads to a wrath-fuelled encounter.They take turns readily sucking cock and it’s clear that they’re BOTH trying to be the alpha. Even as Joseph bends over and takes Adrian’s cock in doggystyle, he still holds his own. As soon as Joseph gets the chance, he switches things up so that he’s riding Adrian, showing that even if he’s bottoming, he’s a POWER bottom.But once this locker room showdown comes to an end, will the two be able to work together as a team? Or will this be the first of many bitter encounters to come?

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Jordan Starr’s Gym Fuck Session (720p,1080p)

Cast: Colby Chambers, Jordan Starr
Genres: Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Bareback

Colby Chambers enjoys two things: 1) working out and 2) a man hole to fuck during, or after, time in the gym. In today’s ColbyKnox update he’s lifting weights with Jordan Starr, a site newbie. Jordan spots Colby. He also strokes his meat. Eventually, Jordan loses his shorts and his rod waves above Colby’s face. That’s the international sign an exercise session must be interrupted. Colby understands the signal and sucks Jordan’s johnson. "You’re good at that," Jordan says. His tool plumps due to the oral attention. Colby moves from the tip to the balls. "Want to get a better angle," Jordan wonders. Colby does so Jordan sits on the bench. He flexes a bicep and Colby nibbles on it. He moves to Jordan’s tiddies before returning to Jordan’s tool. "Just like that," Jordan begs. Colby comes up for air to make out with his gym buddy. He returns to the dick. Who can blame him? It’s time for Jordan to return the favor. Something he is happy to do. Colby pulls off his shorts and stands in front of his workout partner. His cock is ready to play and Jordan swallows like a champ. His technique is slow and methodical. "Put that cock down your throat," Colby commands. Jordan goes to the balls. "It’s so big," he observes. Spit dribbles from his mouth. "Want to do something for me," Colby asks. “Want to sit that ass on my face?" Jordan thinks this is a good plan, so Colby gets back on the bench. "Your ass is so perfect," he comments as Jordan sits over him.

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Caio Veyron fucks Joaquin Santana 1080p

Release Year: 2022
Video language: English

They’re both buff and extremely well built, blond, have a great presence in front of the camera, and are integral parts of what we each do and the videos we each film!

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Greatest Hits vol. 6

Whenever I’m in doubt or scared, he’s always there to make me feel protected and safe.

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Stretching Caleb’s Hole

Release Year: 2021
Genres: Anal Sex, Bareback, Big Dick, Cumshots, Masturbation
Video language: English

Whether you’re in the mood for a hot passionate fuck or just a nice fat ass to dump your load in, Caleb is your man. Dan had a 3 course meal eating him out before sliding his cock in Caleb’s lubed up hole. If your top doesn’t pull you back by your throat while fucking you doggysyle to make out with you while still balls deep, find one who will. The hottest part of this video is when Caleb presents his ass and lets Dan pile drive him until he nuts into his gaping hole. Everyone gets a nice view, and everyone leaves happy and drained!

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Raphael Moretti Barebacks Rafael Ferreira

Studio: Tim Tales

Raphael power two! They say the more the Rafas, the merrier. Two Brazilians doing what Brazilians do best. Our sexy muscular hunk newcomer Rafael Ferreira takes the big cock of Raphael Moretti. Raw big dick at its finest, Raphael fucks the hell out of his fellow safadinho. Get ready to sweat, there’s hot raw action ahead!

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Boyforsale – Buyer’s Group – The Boy Marcus – Ch. 7

Masters know their boys can be the greatest gifts of all. That’s definitely the spirit at this intimate party, when the boy Marcus lays on a kitchen island, surrounded by four Masters who are making small talk and sipping whiskey while inspecting every inch of Marcus’s body. The Masters command the other boys in the room to freshen their drinks and wash Marcus’s feet. Master Wolf starts by pinching and teasing Marcus’s nipple, making him writhe in ecstasy. Master Felix instructs two other boys in the room to hold Marcus’ feet in the air, exposing his ass for the Masters’ enjoyment. Marcus squeals with pleasure and pain as the men drop cold ice cubes on his exposed cock and hole, and then they order him to fill his mouth with a throbbing cock. Soon, the Masters decide to take full ownership of Marcus’s hole. "Are you mine?" asks Master Figata as he slides his cock in and out of the boy’s ass. Of course Marcus whimpers, "Yes." He knows he is Master Figata’s property, and he swears he’s a good boy. Then he proves it when he takes Master Figata’s load. Master Figata invites Master Wolf to fuck Marcus’s hole as well. "Do you want it?" asks Master Wolf, and Marcus screams, "Yes, sir!" just like he’s been taught. After Master Wolf shoots a load in Marcus’s ass, the boy lays spent. Master Figata leans in for a kiss, reminding the boy that it’s an honor to be shared with his master’s friends.

Format: mp4
Duration: 26:18
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