Scream In Pain Of Russian Plumber

Studio: RusStraightGuys

Back whipping – pain completely different from the belt spanking. Nik is a plumber 19 y.o. from Crimea and hes getting hard back whipping. Laying down on the bench, bare, bondaged and scared – hes waiting for Master, who is water-soaking the whip that ut will be much painful. Nik was spanked many times by his man when he was 14 years old, but not on the back and not by the other man. Whip strokes makes him to groan, howl and scream in pain. We will not stop the punishment until we decide that young plumber was enough whipped. Back in a sweat, the sweat on his face, hoarse from screaming , with scarring back after the whipping – punishment will be remembered for a long time.

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Duration: 18:12
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Play With Asian Boys After School

Release Year: 2019
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Video language: English

A sexually curious member is nailed to AV … soft touched by an oldster and switched on … there is already Bing … there is a strange pleasure for the first time and a puzzled face! The thing that is easy to feel in a shy shop with almost no armpit hair is cute when it is ah, it is this … It is patted on the thighs and gradually becomes erotic mode … The explosive power of the accumulated boy is wonderful! It’s up to the first experience … the sofa leans down and the soccer pants are lowered … almost a virgin cock that’s already erect is sucked and sucked … Iku Iku! He has a good impression of the response that he made as a postcard. He gradually changed when he was tampered with the little dick that protruded from the soccer pants … The erotic mode was fully opened … The wave of pleasure that the body was waving! Cool handsome member who will do anal sex with momentum! The clean actor’s face-kun’s dick is hairless eroticine … The mouth and anus that accepts oldster’s cock without much resistance while having a cool attitude are freshly picked and tasted early in the spring!

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Hot Fucking of Andy Onassis & Lukas Daken 720p

Cast: Andy Onassis, Lukas Daken
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Forecast in Spain: Inferno weather. So Timtales follows woman nature with a scene hot as hell! The sexy lumberjack Brazilian Andy Onassis takes ownership of Lukas Daken’s delicious hole. No directing needed, these two connected the moment they laid eyes on each other. Lukas was so ready for Andy’s incredibly massive cock. Watch his hole open, open, open What a view!

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Case – part 40

Release Year: 2018
Studio: YoungPerps
Genres: Anal Sex, Blowjob, CMNM, Cumshot, Handjob, Rimming

Indecent Exposure. 26 year old Hispanic male, 5’9”, was caught on camera urinating on the mall grounds. Mall security was first alerted by a shopping family, resulting in the suspect being apprehended and detained.

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Slide Fucks Redwane Bareback

Release Year: 2020
Studio: FrenchDudes

Slide is delighted but he does not want to stop there. He came to fuck young Redwane and he will not miss it. After a good suck, he turns the young guy and starts licking his asshole to properly prepare him for his big cock. His Prince Albert will soon break into Redwane’s little hole!

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Steve Vex And Adam Russo

Studio: Manhandled

Ever hear the expression Let sleeping pooches lie? Adam Russo learns exactly what that means at a business conference with the too-hot-to-be-real Steve Vex. A late night at the bar leads to Adam helping a Steve to bed…but whats a guy to do when youve got a stud like Steve lost consciousness in front of you? We can hardly blame Adam for being tempted to take advantage…and we definitely cant blame Steve for being tempted to take some payback when he wakes up right in the middle of being . Be careful what you wish for Adam, cuz youre about to get a mouthful…

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Finns Can Fuck – Scott Finn, Elliot Finn & Anthony Moore (1080p)

Scott Finn is having a fun time with stud Anthony Moore. The two can’t keep their hands to themselves. Little do they know, Scott’s stepbrother Elliot Finn is watching them! Once caught, Scott tells his stepbrother to join in. A hot threesome ensues and Anthony finds out just how well the Finns can fuck!

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Aday Traun, Barcelona’s Hottest Fucker

Release Year: 2020
Genres: Bareback Porn
Video language: English

Aday wants to screw up some submissives so he has summoned two slaves in the parking lot, they will have to follow all his orders and unload the eggs. Like a good alpha male he will put his vixens in their place. Our Alpha Aday returns with the desire to punish a pooch slave and get a good cleaning of his sweaty balls. Dani Basch is willing to put himself at his service. Get ready to see the best cocksucker worshipping his macho. Aday receives a message from his slave pooch in Berlin. He craves for cock and domination. Arriving home, he puts the slave on his knees and starts the action, the Master has arrived. Two pals meet for a good fuck. For Mikel is the first time he will be dominated but can’t refuse to be tied up, made to lick feet and spit and having an Alpha Male playing with his ass. Carlos’ peaceful life gets an unexpected turn when Aday knocks his door. A strange guy with dark intentions who will not hesitate to take him, tie him up, and put him into all kind of humiliations. There’s no escape, he’s now the victim of this Spanish violent macho.

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Daniel Hausser, Bucky Wright And Parker Payne

Studio: Blacksonboys

Daniel is home from College and his parents are away on vacation, this Rich boy wants the thing he Desperately craves but His Daddy would never approve of, BBC. Bucky Wright and Parker Payne are just two hot Black Men making an extra buck when they get the call from Desperate Daniel. They quickly size him up as a submissive white boy in Need of Seed and they are happy to take charge right away. Immediately the two get the boy on his knees and let him know what he is good for, his rich boy wallet and his mouth and ass. All of these are put to hard use and the boy is taken to his parent bedroom to soil it and leave a certain mark for them to know that their little college boy is a BBC slut.

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Caught Being Cocky

Release Year: 2020
Studio: BoyFun
Cast: Jacob Dolce, Roman Capellini
Genres: Anal Sex, Blowjob, Flip-Flop, Kissing, Masturbation, Rimming, Tattoo

Gorgeous boy Jacob Dolce is preparing to finish his afternoon the way a lot of horny boys like him do, with that urgent cock in his hand and a cum load building up for release. What’s better than a solo jack off? Some BoyFun with a hung young man who knows how to enjoy a hard young erection and a tight little hole, of course.
Jacob is a little shy when he discovers that Roman Capellini is watching from the doorway, but when the young man comes in to help him with his hot sucking mouth on Jacob’s pink uncut boner he’s more than happy to have the company.
With his dick glistening Jacob can’t believe his luck, but things only get even more interesting when Roman reveals his own incredible length of hard uncut meat. The boy has a lot of inches for Jacob to taste, and the handsome boy doesn’t waste a moment.
The taste of precum can only encourage the two naked boys to enjoy even more, a licking of Roman’s snug little pucker is all it takes to have him prepped and ready for Jacob’s bareback boner to slide right in.
Fucked from behind and impaling his butt on Jacob’s gorgeous tool for a great ride Roman is hard throughout, his big dick bouncing and swinging. It’s s good thing he’s so excited, soon enough young Jacob is demanding that big piece in his snug little rump for a little of the same.
Jacob isn’t used to such a big thing inside him, but Roman knows how to use his impressive tool to make a boy like him cum. With his load fucked out of him and splashed up his smooth body young Jacob gets a messy eruption from his top boy, a gooey facial that’ll definitely have him coming back for more.

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Students Bare Feets And Socks

Studio: MyFriendsFeet

Daddy whorships feets of his sons 2 young students. First in socks and then barefoot.

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Duration: 22:32
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Sexual Hot Tub

Release Year: 2019
Genres: Anal, Bareback, Cumshots, Masturbation, Muscles, Outdoors, Rimming, Tattoos
Video language: English

Wow, me and Matthew King were in the hot tub just relaxing when I saw his yummy cock perk up and get hard. I couldn’t resist and soon enough I had his hard muscle inside my mouth and my tight holes!

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ChaosMen – Aiden Asher & Boris Serviced (1080p)

Despite a bit of a language barrier I was worried we had not communicated well about Boris’s sexual experiences with guys.

He said he had only one experience with a guy, but this formerly married and man of two, sure looked very experience sucking on Aiden Asher’s cock.

As it turns out, yet it was one guy, but it wasn’t just a one-off, but they had sex many times, and as he mentioned during his solo, he really liked getting fucked.

But today, we were there to check out his blow job skills.

And as I just said, the dude really knew to get out there.

Aiden also like more mature guys, so this matching was really terrific.

I loved seeing Boris suck Aiden’s cock while he was in a doggie-style position. His ass is all pushed out and ready to be fucked. He came in just before the holidays started, so there was some down time getting models in, but he is on the top of my list to get back to see some great ass pounding of his tight little bootie.

Both these guys cum so easily too. Boris can do a quick jerk and cum in under a minute, and after giving Aiden a facial, Aiden blew his own load. Aiden sucks the last of the cum out of Boris’s cock, and that puts him over the top.

I may have to find a new place to Aiden to dump his load. With his alabaster skin, his load blends in, but regardless, the dude shot like a fire hose, coating his entire torso!

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2 Monster Dicks for Raoul

Release Year: 2020
Studio: MachoFucker

22inches of combined fuck-power run a non-stop train on Raoul in this digitally remastered, newly edited version of one of the hottest 2-on-1`s ever produced with Machofucker. Enjoy!

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SwinginBalls Corey Gunz & Javier Santini – Boy Makes Corey Balls Cum

Javier knows just how to be a great boy and knows just how to treat his boyfriend. He finds Corey laying back in his bed relaxing checking out his latest messages on his cell phone. In his mind asking for a no work just enjoy type of Bj, and to his surprise his boy comes home early and…

Javier jumps up on the bed beside his man and takes no time to unzip the pants that keep him away form Corey sexy cock and low hangers. After the clothes cum off, Fuck we see just how quickly Corey grows from soft to hard enjoying every minute as he is licked kissed and sucked. Javier loves cock like a good twink should and devours that dick like it was sweet candy. In no time he has his man quivering and making noise of pure pleasure.

After a bit Corey just couldn’t stand it any more and rolls them both over and get into a position that his cock and saggin balls are perfect in Javier’s hot mouth. When very close to cumming Corey blast his sweet hot load all over his boy chest! Well the job was done and both have smiles of more to cum!

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Hot House Flippers – Beaux Banks & Dan Saxon

The third episode of ‘Hot House Flippers’ sees the remodel of Wess Russel’s vacation house well underway, as he and host Austin Avery watch the crew on camera. In the kitchen, plumber Dan Saxon and his assistant Beaux Banks are laying pipe under the sink till it’s time for a much-needed boner break. Sexy Brit, Dan hauls out his thick uncut cock as he strips Beaux down to just his jockstrap and rims his bubble-butt. Beaux backs into Dan and rides his tongue till he is begging Dan to fuck him raw. The plumber replies with a hardcore, bareback deep dicking that leaves Beaux literally cross-eyed and Dan shoots his load all over in a huge cum-splattering ejaculation.

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The Gay Simple Life – Cade Maddox and Josh Moore

The novice that is cut subsequently returns a few careless dental favors of their own before pinning thighs back and nailing the goal of the twinkie. Do not miss the ice breaks after which split one-off.

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