Chamming Vol. 1

He looks great, with a beautiful face and excellent body, he also stands to attention very well.

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Xavier & His Latino Plaything – Part 1

Cast: Xavier Sibley ,Danny Bianchi
Genres: Bondage ,Shaved ,Suspension ,Rope ,Pinwheel ,British
Video language: English

Sexy dom boy Xavier is back and ready to indulge in all his wanton needs with gorgeous little Latino plaything Danny. The boy is soon swinging in the rope contraption, his bare feet ready to be enjoyed, his raw ass hanging, his cock and balls floppy and tempting. Xavier is obsessed with the boy’s feet, oiling them up and playing with his soles, rolling the painful pinwheel along them and dripping the molten wax over Danny’s toes. Naturally he can’t ignore that snug little hole, he’s soon filling it with one of the biggest black dildos! Will he use his raw uncut cock in that hole next? Watch part 2 to find out.

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Jack Taylor ,Tristan Crown – Tristan Takes A Sweaty Pounding

Release Year: 2017
Cast: Jack Taylor ,Tristan Crown
Genres: Anal ,Uncut ,Clean Shaven ,Smooth ,British ,Cum Jerking Off
Video language: English

Tristan loves to get fucked, there’s no doubt about that. He’s one of those lads who doesn’t need a whole lot of convincing to get into a difficult position for one of the other boys to use. He was ready and willing when he knew handsome jock boy Jack was in the house needing to get his cum splashing. Tristan was naked and on his back, his arse up with his legs tied over his head. It’s too tempting for handsome Jack to ignore, he’s soon licking out that hole and using a toy in the boy’s pucker. With a little slow play he has that hole ready for his long uncut cock, plunging into Tristan, his saggy and sweaty balls slapping against the boy’s butt cheeks as he pumps his dick in and out, enjoying a pile-driving fuck and taking himself to a cum eruption that leaves Tristan’s hole drenched in jock cream!

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Kenzie Madison ,Sean Saint – Begging for More Punishment

Release Year: 2011
Cast: Kenzie Madison ,Sean Saint
Genres: Anal ,Short Hair ,Suspension ,Rope ,Chains ,British
Video language: English

Kenzie Madison sure does know how to treat his boys mean – but has he finally met his match in a boy who begs for more’ Watch as Sean Saint is used by Kenzie as he goes to town on this straight boy’s ass. Fingers, toys and ass-fucking leave Sean begging for more. Kenzie dildo fucks him using his foot and spits all over him before making Sean eventually shoot his load.

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Felix, Fuller

Release Year: 2017
Studio: FamilyDick
Cast: Felix, Fuller
Genres: Big Dick, Twink, Blow Job
Video language: English

Two guys want to try something new in their relationship. They have lived together for three years. One of the guys tied his friend, blindfolded him and began to peck him to his members in the ass …

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Leo Foxx ,Troy Henley – Down On His Knees & Exposed

Release Year: 2012
Cast: Leo Foxx ,Troy Henley
Genres: Handjob ,Uncut ,Humiliation ,British ,Other Location ,Cum Jerking Off
Video language: English

Strapped down and in anticipation Troy Henley gets the hot wax treatment from the ruthless Leo Foxx. He spares no mercy while pouring the hot and sticky substance all over the begging twinks body, somehow resisting the urge to slam his cock into that exposed fuck hole! Cum replaces hot wax when Leo finally need to wank out some jizz, dumping his load over the boys back!

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Hot Fucking of Morgxn Thicke & Sirgio Armas 1080p

Cast: Morgxn Thicke, Sirgio Armas
Genres: Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Bareback

In a quiet and cozy environment two guys Morgxn Thicke and Sirgio Armas decided to fuck each other!

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Skin to Skin – Daddys Pride And Joy – Pt 2

Genres: Bareback ,Bear ,Hairy ,Dad Son
Video language: English

Maxx and Mr. Lear’s relationship has gone to a whole new level. Ever since they first started exploring each other’s bodies, there’s a new degree of closeness between them they’d never expected to happen.Maxx needed some comfort after a bad dream, so he crawled into bed with his dad to calm down and fall back asleep. Mr. Lear welcomed his son and both fell asleep again. Being in their underwear meant that they were skin-to-skin as they slept, with Mr. Lear being the big spoon. Maxx was instantly comforted feeling his dad’s closeness.It’s no surprise …It’s no surprise that a young man like Maxx popped wood while snuggled in with his dad. It happens to all guys and especially a hot young stud like Maxx. He reached down to rub himself gently while feeling his dad’s chest hair rub gently across his back. The repetitive motion gently woke Mr. Lear up, who realized he had his arms wrapped around his son while the son was jerking himself!Mr. Lear wanted to let Maxx know that he was okay with what was going on, so he slipped his own hand down to where he could lightly caress his son’s crotch. The jolt that sent through his young body was so intense!Mr. Lear couldn’t help but chuckle a little; he remembers how horny he was when he was the same age as Maxx. Mr. Lear stroked a little harder, pulling his son’s underwear off as he rubbed. The boy’s cock instantly hit full-staff, and what a long, thick staff it is, too!Mr. Lear repositioned himself so he could pull that big man-toy into his mouth. Maxx moaned in joy. This is more than he was expecting, even though it’s secretly what he was hoping for. Mr. Lear bobbed up and down on the hard cock, occasionally rubbing his son’s nipples for that occasional extra jolt of pure sexual sensation! Every nerve Maxx has in his body is on full horny alert!Maxx felt Mr. Lear’s cock get hard, too. He’s horny as hell as well! Maxx flips around to give Mr. Lear a favor in return and slurps the daddy dick down his throat whole! The hairy hunk moans loudly; he doesn’t care who might hear! His son is giving him the best blowjob he’s ever had!Maxx loves feeling that cock slide up and down in his throat. He times his breathing perfectly so Mr. Lear doesn’t have to adjust his rhythm. His wet throat feels so good to Mr. Lear, he gently wraps his hands around Maxx’ face to get as much of himself down that throat as he can!Mr. Lear slides out of his son’s mouth and pulls his face up for a deep and passionate kiss. Max loves the closeness he feels and instinctively grinds up against his dad. A playful moment as the two men hold their dicks together and tandem jerk for a few moments. That gets Mr. Lear even hotter for his son’s sweet hole!He positions himself gently at the opening and pushes his way in little-by-little. Maxx gets that incredible sensation of pleasure and a little pain as he opens up to take it all in. Soon, Maxx has his Dad’s entire cock firmly up his ass.Mr. Lear checks one last time and, seeing the look of joy on his boy, starts pumping his cock up and down in his boy’s hole. Maxx is seeing stars at this point! Mr. Lear picks the pace up, feeling the heat from both his own dick and the reactions his horny son has from the fucking!Maxx gets up on his knees so he can take the entire length! The feeling of his dad’s long dick balls-deep inside is super-erotic and he’s having the time of his life!Mr. Lear flips Maxx onto his back so they can kiss while they fuck. Maxx loves the taste of his dad on his lips, and that same sensation is kicking Mr. Lear’s fucking into overdrive!Moans and groan fill the room, growing until Mr. Lear says those magic words, “I’m gonna cum!”

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Joey Mills & Ryan Bailey flip fuck in this video

Release Year: 2018
Cast: Ryan Bailey ,Joey Mills
Genres: Bareback , Teen Gay , Anal Gay ,Cum Gay
Video language: English

Ryan bailey wakes sleeping superstar joey mills then asks what he was dreaming about. Much to ryan’s delight joey says,you from then on it’s pedal to the metal porn perfection! The two twink titans of titanic tube steaks tickle one another’s tonsils with their gigantic tally whackers. The groin gobbling game is strong with both boys who down one another’s dicks balls deep. Mills is on all fours with a mouthful of meat when bailey spies his smooth booty. He spanks the kid’s can then spreads the cheeks, teasing his tight push with a finger before mills spins around to offer him full access. Ryan plants his pretty face deep inside joey’s junk.

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Muscled Sir Peter Welcomes Jhon Ramirex

Release Year: 2023
Cast: Jhon Ramirex, Sir Peter
Genres: Anal Sex, Bareback, Blowjob, Cumshot, Masturbation, Rimming, Muscles, Smooth, Hairy, Fetish (Suits, Sheer Socks), Tattoo, Big Dicks, Uncut
Video language: English

Sir Peter is preparing the Menatplay set to receive a new model – a 30-year-old Colombian stud called Jhon Ramirex. Jhon has dreamt about auditioning for the firm and is ready to play! And, as it turns out, Jhon is also a big fan of Sir Peter.
On set, Jhon dresses in a new suit, heeding Sir Peter’s instructions. When the interview starts, Sir Peter begins with some basic questions, asking Jhon to introduce himself to the camera.
It doesn’t take long before the award-winning big dicked suited Portuguese Porn Actor, Sir Peter, welcomes Jhon Ramirex to Menatplay and demands he take it like a man!

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J-Pack’s Back: Balvin Malu & J-Pack 1080p

Cast: Balvin Malu, J-Pack
Genres: Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Bareback

Scruffy sexy top stud J-Pack made a splash with his first rawhole scene a few months ago, and set a few hard dicks wagging and buttholes twitching with his combination of no-nonsense raw ass-drilling and penchant for purring love talk in deep, sensuous Espanol. We’re happy to have him back and new curly-haired Colombian model Balvin Malu is the lucky recipient of that hot Latin dick and copious cum. J-Pack doesn’t follow any usual porn formula in the progression of his fucks. Tonight he starts right out peeling off Balvin’s tight jeans then dives right in to lick and lube the horny bottom’s smooth hole. After that he rims, fucks, sucks, fingers, cums and fucks some more, wherever and in whatever order his tightly packed nuts and rock-hard uncut cock take him. Not that Balvin has any objections, even when J-Pack curls a hand around his neck to pull him into a closer clench as he drills his fucktool in deeper. Then he leans down to steal a passionate, soulful kiss and Balvin is a happy passenger along for the rough and ready ride. Who would complain when you end up with an asshole dripping with a load of molten manjuice and J-pack twirling a couple of fingers around inside your cum-filled, throbbing booty just to make sure you’re fully satisfied? This shaved-headed, bearded Latin ass-lover has a way of getting just what he wants and leaving no hole disappointed.

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Geordie Jackson , Klein Kerr

I took the London Underground to his place in London and it was snowing like crazy.

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Duration: 16:29
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Edward Fox & Roman Smid – Shoot This!, Sc. 2

Release Year: 2023
Genres: bareback porn
Video language: English

Sitting on the sofa with your guests is a regular feature of many TV chat shows around the world, but chances are that you won’t have seen many productions like the one featured here! Indeed, feel free to write in and tell us if you’ve ever seen a show where the compère informs the viewers that the stars will shortly be having sex – it is, after all, an unusual means of achieving ratings. Then again, when the highlight of the interview is a demonstration of traditional springtime Czech craft-making, is it any wonder that sex between the guests – in this instance Roman Smid and STAXUS exclusive, Edward Fox – is so fucking appealing?
Silliness over, then, and it’s time for the two horned-up beauties to get down to the serious business of entertaining you bunch of cock-mad fuckers – and believe us they don’t let the audience down, as they promptly engage in a heated session of mutual cock-sucking. That, of course, soon leads to Smid taking a very keen interest in Fox’s fuck-hole, which he tongues and fingers in eager anticipation of the hard session of anal action that he’s clearly now got planned!
Indeed, it’s no time at all before the fellow is burying his thick, meaty dick right where it’s wanted to go ever since the start of the scene – and boy, does Fox groan with delight or what? In fact, the lad is quite literally purring like a pussy as his innards are stretched to busting; and it’s little surprise that he’s soon squirting a healthy bolt of boy-goo in response. Finally, with Smid signing off with a customary rupture of his own, both lads are left spent and content!

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Gael Kriok , Vitor Alves

You know that ever-so-slight line of skin that shows between the jockstrap and shorts.

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Raw Alpha Males – Michael Lucas Fists Ridick

Ridick sure can take a lot of anal punishment. This guy spreads his legs and is ready to go. Michael Lucas is fully aware of this, and he has a lot of fun playing with Ridick’s ass and pushing him to the extreme. This Raw Alpha Males scene is captured on four different cameras, and we get to see Michael not only fuck Ridick, but also fist him and lick his rose bud. Ridick also services Michael’s feet and gets pounded in the ass by huge sex toys.

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Video: 1920×1080

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